About us


What We Do


We decided to make our passion our business - we offer a dog walking service that takes advantage of the stuning variety of local beaches, hills, coastal routes and dog parks. We can also visit your Pet whilst you're at work or away! We are very proud of our own hand crafted range of leads, inspired by our love of the Mournes and as much as possible made from upcycled eco friendly climbing rope. We can also paint your pooch, a thoughtful gift for that dog obsessed friend of yours!







Who We Are


HikerHounds is a family business - Gemma and Colm are both passionate about Animal Welfare and if forced, would probably choose to hang out with animals more often than people. Gemma studied Art, specialising in textiles, at The University of Ulster which comes in super handy when crafting our own leads, collars and dog toys. We recently decided to start our own business in order to do our favourite thing every day, and hopefully in doing so provide even more happiness to your pet pals.





Onyx is our Labrador-Whippet cross, we rescued him from the wonderful people at Assisi Animal Sanctuary when he was 5 months old! Onyx was abandoned with his brother inside a bag at a park bench. He was entirely frightened of life and totally incapable of socialising with other dogs but soon began to feel safe and became the boisterous and loving pup we know and adore.


Onyx suffers from boundless energy syndrome and will play all day, he follows us room to room and loves licking faces, he gives all his love immediately to strangers and we've not yet met anyone who hasn't loved him back... sure look at his face!



Honey is a Saluki Whippet cross, rescued from Almost Home Greyhound, who do truly unbelievable work with Sighthound breeds. We aren't sure of Honey's history except that she was found as a stray and a day away from being put down before being saved by Almost Home.


She came to us with very little fur on her hind legs, scratches and scrapes all over, missing the tip of her tail and extremely head shy, however the kind of horrible life she suffered didn't stop her from trusting us completely and quickly settling into our home. She is an elegant and stunning girl who absolutely knows it, despite being a little younger she is the boss of Onyx and becomes more affectionate and fun loving each day. We couldn't imagine life without her now!




Iggy is the latest edition to the Hikerhounds family! She is a miniature Jack Russell. Iggy is the runt of a litter and was born with malformed hind legs as a result of inbreeding... Luckily she was rescued by wonderful people and one day Gemma brought her home in her rucksack with a chinese takeaway to sweeten the deal!


Iggy has been given the all clear health wise and is a bundle of energy, she eats what seems like twice her weight daily and would always take more! Her spirit is inspiring and she has made a huge impression here on Onyx, Honey and the two of us. As can be seen, this gorgeous little girl fits right in with the big dogs!

Where We Are


Hikerhounds cover the Holywood, Lisburn, East and South Belfast areas. We are fortunate to be able to take our Dogs out on great adventures in safe and secure locations such as;


- Hillsborough Forest Park

-DivisBlack Mountain

-Crawfordsburn Park and Beach

- Redburn Forest Park

- Belmont Park

- Holywood Coastal Route

-Cairnwood Forest Park



These and many more local walks provide awesome adventures for us and your pooches.







Check out some of our Canine Apparel! Everything is handmade in the Hikerhounds Studio and we can kit out your pup with Leads, Collars, Bandanas and even the occasional custom outfit!


We're particularly proud of our Climbing Rope Leads - Although we do use a lot of brand new rope, we try and source all the rope we can from clubs, centres and the occasional generous climbing enthusiast! After a time the rope becomes unusable for climbers and has to be ethically disposed of for safety reasons! It does however make remarkably strong leads! Gemma still uses our first prototypes every day for all the walks and we offer a two year guarantee as we are confident the HikerHounds Lead will outlast any off the shelf lead.


The ropes come in all colours, as do the caribiners and binding so if you have a particular preference just let us know, we're happy to mix and match.